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No dangerous LNG in our communities!

Even as clean, renewable energy is becoming more accessible than ever, fossil fuel companies are trying to find new ways to ship dangerous fracked gas through our communities.

The Trump Administration has recently proposed to allow unit trains up to 100-cars carrying liquified natural gas (LNG). LNG-by-rail would mean dangerous train cars transporting a highly flammable fossil fuel product through populated areas. A recent report from Washington and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility confirms that LNG is extremely hazardous to human health. And Congressman Peter DeFazio, Chair of the House Transportation Committee, stated recently, "This plan is beyond absurd. Should even one tank car get punctured, the results could be devastating."

Send a comment by August 7th to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) to urge them to consider the full risks to human health and safety posed by trains carrying LNG.